NBP to provide stipends to "Young Promising Stars"


KARACHI, (APP): NBP to provide stipends to "Young Promising Stars"


The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division has launched a stipend scheme for 'Young Promising Stars' of Pakistan.


According to a statement issued here on Wednesday, the NBP would be providing stipend to 10 such young people from different walks of life who have made some remarkable achievements or who brought fame and recognition to the country.


In this regard, a ceremony at which Shah Mir Aizaz, a young space designer from Karachi, was inducted under that program for one year organized at the NBP President Syed Iqbal Ashraf's office.


Speaking on the occasion, he said Mir had made not only his family but entire Pakistan proud by securing second position globally at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Ames Space Settlement Design Contest, 2015.


"His innovation and ideas are amazing and will help the youth of Pakistan to be internationally recognized," he expressed this hope.


The ceremony was informed that Aizaz is a 16-year-old O Level student at Springfield’s School in Karachi.


He also received fourth position in NASA's 'Atlantis Earth Space Settlement, Our Future Home in Space' contest while UNESCO awarded him with third position in a designing contest titled 'The Power of Culture to create a better Future'.


The head of NBP's Strategic Marketing Ovais Asad Khan appraised the ceremony about the objectives of the 'NBP Young Promising Stars Stipend Scheme'.