India infuriated with New York Times calling Pulwama attack an explosion

India infuriated with New York Times calling Pulwama attack an explosion

NEW DELHI - The headline of an article in The New York Times that read "In India's Election Season, an Explosion Interrupts Modi's Slump" has infuriated Indian Twitter users.

Ananth Krishnan, a senior Indian journalist and a visiting fellow at Brookings India called the article "bizarre", while others termed it hate-filled.

Husain Haqqani, director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute and former Pakistan ambassador to the US, termed the article "troubling", as the NYT chooses to describe a terrorist suicide attack as "an explosion". "What's next? Describing a beheading as loss of a human head?" Haqqani furiously asked the NYT.

Earlier, this month, seeking to establish that the Indian Armed Forces are in alarming shape, a New York Times article mentioned that an aerial clash, the first by the South Asian rivals in nearly five decades, "was a rare test for the Indian military" and that it left observers a bit dumbfounded.

In a clash that marked India's retaliation against a 14 February suicide attack on a paramilitary convoy that killed at least 40 soldiers, the Indian Air Force allegedly shot down a Pakistan Air Force F-16 using a MiG-21 Bison on 27 February.

Pakistan has denied that any of its F-16s were shot down. The Indian Air Force later displayed parts of an AMRAAM medium-range missile that was recovered in the Indian-administered part of Kashmir, claiming that they had been launched by a US-made jet. - Sputnik