Who ditched Nawaz Sharif in Senate Chairman election

Who ditched Nawaz Sharif in Senate Chairman election

ISLAMABAD- Reportedly JUI F Fazal ur Rehman led 4 member group along with 2 to 3 senators from inside the PMLN government have ditched Nawaz Sharif in the Sentae elections.

PMLN fell 7 votes short of the majority as Raja Zafarulhuq secured 46 votes while PMLN was claiming support of 53 senators atleast.

Sadiq Sanjrani the opposition-backed candidate from Balochistan was appointed Senate chairman on Monday. Sanjrani secured 57 votes.

Raja Zafar ul Haq of PML-N and and PPP and PTI backed Sadiq Sanjrani were in the run for the office of Chairman Senate. After election of the Chairman, the voting for election of Deputy Chairman would take place.

Usman Kakar of Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party and PPP's Saleem Mandwiwal were the contestants for the Deputy Chairmanship.

Voting took place through secret ballot.

Earlier, Newly-elected members of the upper house took oath as Senators at a specially convened session of the house in Islamabad on Monday morning.

Senator Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasir, who was nominated by the President to chair the session administered oath to the new members.

Fifty-two of fifty-three newly elected Senators took oath today.

They included a member elected from Punjab against the seat vacated due to disqualification of Nehal Hashmi.

Ishaq Dar, who is under treatment abroad, could not attend the session.

After oath-taking the new members signed the roll of the house.