IPhone 6S gifted to God in India

IPhone 6S gifted to God in India

VIJAYAWADA: An IPhone 6S has been gifted to Gods in India by a devotee.

A man gifted the IPhone 6S which was found in the hundi at the Lord Subramanya Swamy temple at Mopidevi in Krishna district in India . To the astonishment of the temple staff, they found the phone when they opened the hundi for counting the day's offerings from devotees on Saturday.

Immediately, the staff alerted temple executive officer M Saradha Kumar about the smartphone. "This is the first time we came across a smartphone. A devotee who might have recently started a smartphone business must have thought of pleasing the God this way. We will write to the government seeking directions for dealing with the gift," said A Madhusudhan, temple superintendent.

When asked about the option of auctioning the phone and using the money thus raised for development purpose, Madhusudhan said that, as per the norms prescribed by the Endowments Department, smartphone or any electrical device found in the hundi, will be buried.

Devotees visit the temple, about 65 km away from Vijawayada, to perform 'Sarpa Dosha Nivarana', 'Ketu Dosha Pooja' and 'Anapathya Dosha' rituals in the belief that they would be cured of defects related to vision, hearing and skin.

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