Gun Fire opened in Afghan Parliament building over issue of deputy speaker election


KABUL - An armed conflict has occurred in Afghanistan parliament where the guards of the lawmakers opened fired at each other.

On Sunday MP Humayoun Humayoun’s body guards and those belonging to Mohammad Nazeer Ahmadzai opened fire after an argument broke out between the two MPs.

The argument broke out between the two MPs after Humayoun beat Ahmadzai, his nominated rival, to the post of parliament’s first deputy speaker in an election.

Humayoun then criticized government and warned leaders against meddling in parliamentary affairs.

Ahmadzai responded, in support of government, and said he would not allow anyone to speak out against President Ashraf Ghani.

While the two were arguing, their bodyguards started shooting outside parliament’s building.

“If they were serious about shooting, one person was able to kill twenty others, but they (two rival MPs) were engaged in politics and they were not serious about hitting each other, but the entire parliament was defamed,” said MP Allah Gul Mujahid.

MPs meanwhile warned on Monday they would boycott all sessions unless a ban on guns is imposed inside parliament’s building.

“If someone enters the parliament premises with a gun, I will boycott parliament the same day,” said MP Gul Pacha Majidi.

Ahmad meanwhile accused Humayoun of being a bully – an accusation Humayoun dismissed.

“Your guards came out and fired when you were declared victorious,” said Ahmadzai.

“If they were my guards, all of them must be referred to the attorney (general’s office); if they are the guards of Mr. Ahmadzai then they should be referred to the attorney (general’s office) as well,” said Humayoun.

“The incident which happened was very concerning and it worried all the lawmakers,” parliament’s speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said.