US Muslim women take self defence classes against hate crimes

WASHINGTON: US Muslim women have started to take self defence classes to strike back against increasing anti-Muslim hate crimes.


The workshop was launched by an Egyptian-American woman Rana Abdelhamidin in the wake of increasing anti-Muslim threat.


She claimed that Muslim women are easy to identify by their hijab and headscarves and could be attacked at any point by anti-Muslim elements.


Kristin Garrity Sekerci, an American convert to Islam claimed that she wanted to be able to defend herself in such conditions.


She said “You stand out. It’s not fair, but it’s the reality. And you have to equip yourself to be able to face that.”


Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claimed that anti-Muslim crimes have been tripled in US since the November attacks in Paris by ISIS.


The CAIR official claimed that 80% women were targeted in those attacks and Muslim women have a need to protect them in society.


The anti-Muslim crimes also increased due to the controversial statements of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


He called a total ban on Muslim entrance in US in December 2015.


He also made another controversial statement against Islam by saying that “I think Islam hates us.”