Ivanka Trump stumps Chinese

Ivanka Trump stumps Chinese

WASHINGTON - Ivanka Trump was just as eager to see US President Donald Trump meet North Korea's Kim Jong-un as millions around the world. She even tweeted a Chinese proverb to hail the historic summit - just that it perhaps was not a Chinese proverb after all.

Ivanka on Monday - a day before the summit - was on Twitter early and wrote, "'Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.' - Chinese Proverb." '

While many agreed that the quote made sense considering how a meeting between the US President and North Korea's supreme leaders was considered impossible just months back, most wondered exactly which Chinese proverb she had translated from. The curiosity, quite obviously, was the most in China where people largely speak the Mandarin language.

Many took to Weibo - China's version of Twitter - to think out aloud.

"When you take your proverbs from a fortune cookie in a boxed Chinese food packet, you get Ivanka's sermon," wrote one user. "I cannot help but wonder which proverb this is, never heard this, not in our country at least," wondered another.

There were many similar messages from Chinese netizens who otherwise follow Ivanka closely and are largely appreciative of her fashion statement and work. A video of her daughter - Arabella - reciting Chinese poetry was shown to Chinese premier Xi Jinping when Trump visited China. The video went viral in the country and many appreciated the gesture but not many were too kind with the proverb used most recently by Ivanka.