Reham Khan’s book is out and it is worst than anticipated

Reham Khan’s book is out and it is worst than anticipated

LAHORE – After the leaked content of Reham Khan’s all-tell biography sent shock waves across Pakistan for more than a month before the unveiling of the piece, the ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has finally released her book online.

The scandal-filled book, which is available on Amazon, an electronic commerce company, hit the shelves with more shocking stories than anticipated, especially in the chapters dedicated to her ten-month long marriage with Imran Khan, who has the strong chances of becoming prime minister after July 25 elections.

The 45-year-old journalist and former BBC World weather-forecasting anchor claimed that the cricketer-turned-politician had been showing interest in pre-marriage meetings intended at conducting interviews as he usually asked about her age and admired her.

Sharing her experience of one of her meeting with the PTI chief at Bani Gala before marriage, she stated that she was attacked by huge mosquitoes and scratching her feed when he emerged from the bedroom. She added, “He now had a glint in the eyes as he looked straight into mine. Flustered by his penetrating gaze, I looked away and explained that I was covered in mosquito bites. The next thing I knew, his huge hands had grabbed my ankles protectively but gently, as if to sooth the insect bites. I jumped in my chair at this unexpected, yet tender gesture from him. He leant forward as if to kiss miss, then groaned and got to his feet”.

He took her to the garden and said, ” I want to marry you,” Reham explained, adding that she responded as “Are you totally insane?”.

Besides describing the whole story from Khan’s flirt and kissing attempts to dispute over a dancing video, she at one place revealed that the cricket celebrity touched her knee seeking forgiveness for taking her wrong.

Girls Abortion in London

Reham, in the book, claimed that women are exploited within the PTI. She alleged that a close friend of the PTI chief had to make a girl to undergo an abortion. When Imran Khan was accused of it, he rejected the allegations in public.

The former BBC journalist further wrote, “Months later, however, I was being told by Imran Khan himself that it had actually happened”.

Khan’s Interest in Men

Revealing the PTI chief’s attraction towards the same gender, she added, “Money and good-looking med appeared to be the two things that impressed him the month. He raved about the past beauty of people like Pervez Khattak, Zakir Khan and Murad Saeed. The way Imran spoke fondly of Saqlain Mushtaq, the Pakistani spinner known for his cute boyish smile, disturbed me. His admiration for the rather macho Minister from DIK, Amin Gandapur, and his undying love for the youngest MNA from PTI, Murad Saeed, was even more shocking”.

Transgender Provided ‘Services’ to Great Khan

She also revealed the story of a transgender person’s link with Imran Khan. She wrote, “… a rather excited female journalist would one day try very hard to reach me. I was busy in a meeting at the time but eventually managed to squeeze a few minutes out for the urgent information that she had to share. This rather journalist told me that the film actress Resham had just called her and told her how the new transgender dancer Rimal provided services to the great Khan. My lack of surprise shocked the journalist relaying the story”.


She claimed that the PTI chief had also been involved in homosexual. Reham wrote, “He [Imran Khan] spole of a time when a boy signaled to him to follow him into the garden of the school property and performed a sexual act on him. Later, in Worcestershire, while he was doing his A. Levels, he described an incident in the showers where a 12-year-old boy came and forced himself on an 18-year-old Imran”.

Khan Subjected to Nudity by Maids and Cousins

Sharing another story, which she claimed that it has been described by the PTI chairman himself, the second wife of Imran stated, “…it was clear he [Imran] had been subjected to nudity by older maids and cousins. Imran joked about a maid who would forcefully nurse him when he was about 4-5 years old. It became such a habit that Imran once grabbed her breasts in front of his mother, much to her horror. He told me how an older female cousin would force him to touch her when he was not even ten.

The leaked excerpts of the book already sparked debate on mainstream media in June this year. The revealations include as follow;

TV Anchors and Underhand Privileges Besides censuring Imran Khan, Reham Khan did not spare her fellow journalists and a special portion of the leaked book is dedicated to the murky wheeling and dealing of the TV anchors with a special reference towards the role of ISI.

Reham shares that her mother and sister had made homes in Bahria Town, saying she had a vague idea that Malik Riaz was rich influential and that everyone from the anchors to the politicians lived off his handouts.

She contends that she either successfully avoided all offers to do agenda-driven content or was not considered ideal for such tasks.

The former journalist shared that she never received any offer of ‘lifafa’ during her stint as a journalist but claimed that the media wing of the ISI made brief contact but she showed a clear disinterest.

Reham also boasts that she was possibly the only anchor and politically-linked individual in Pakistan who never met or spoke to Malik Riaz either, which remains true to this day.

JKT Anchors Reham Khan shared that like many others, anchors also considered her in Jahangir Tareen’s camp.

“Since Jahangir was happy to pour money into the media, with anchors regularly coming in and out of his F6 home, he had perhaps created this myth himself,” penned the former BBC presenter.

Who Slept With a TV Anchor Reham Khan’s book has become controversial even before the release as she has made blunt remarks in the book.

One such incident relates to a TV anchor, Reham did not mention, who took a different line than PTI’s one but after having spent a night with an operative and having being captured in a compromising video, changed his stance.

Though Imran’s former wife has not provided the name of the anchor but added that he was a sensible and highest ranking presenter.

She explained that during her stay at Banigala, journalists, channel owners and TRP manipulators sat in Imran’s home, guiding him and taking guidance from him.

“His private ATM’s paying their salaries. It was an open secret,” alleged Reham Khan and added that the other parties did not have as much financing as PTI.

She elaborated that ‘comedians’ apologised to her in person and explained that they were given ultimatums if they dared to go against policy.

Imran’s Uneasiness With Reham-Kashif Abbasi Interaction After having fired a broadside at the fraternity of media presenters, Reham Khan somewhat lavished praise on ARY News anchor, Kashif Abbasi, for not to have been convinced by Imran Khan’s political acumen.

“Kashif Abbasi seemed unimpressed by the Leader and appeared as exasperated as me with the lack of knowledge and political acumen on display,” wrote Reham in the book.

She continued that once Kashif Abbasi whispered that he was not prepared to be ruled by a daft leader to which she nodded and caught sight of Imran taking interest in the interaction.

“As soon as I caught his eye, he averted his gaze,” states Reham Khan in the much-awaited book.

Imran’s Explicit Conversation With Female Anchors Apart from the top brass of male anchors, Reham Khan also shared her observation regarding the female anchors in the industry, alleging them of having received explicit content from Imran Khan.

Imran’s penchant for sexting was apparently well known in Lahori circles. Most female anchors had excitedly reported receiving images of his genitalia, wrote Reham Khan.

She shared that when her film producer disclosed this, Reham dismissed it as a vicious rumour, wondering ‘why someone of his stature would take a risk like that’.

Zionism And Imran Khan Reham Khan has visibly weighed in on the discussion whether Imran Khan is an operative of the Yahoodi lobby or zionists who want him to steer the country, throwing weight behind the assertions.

Reham shares that Imran Khan was close to Kate Rothschild as she was devastated when the rapper she fell in love with, converted to Islam and refused to continue the affair with her.

The former journalist then shares that since the Rothschilds were known for being active Zionists, it might be the surname that caused conflict in Kate’s relationship as one of their ancestors, Walter Rothschild, was responsible for drafting the declaration for a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1917, which came to be known as the Balfour declaration.

Reham also found it strange that Imran censured the Americans, while sharing close ties with those who had a clear interest in Israel.

“Imran was also very close to his brother-in-laws, particularly Zac. Imran maintained that in a violent argument once where Imran slapped Jemima, it was Zac who asked Imran not to divorce his sister,” states Reham.

According to Reham, Imran had impressed upon her that it was not his ex-wife but her family he was good friends with.

Reham alleges that Imran’s father-in-law was a tycoon who also designed Imran’s future.

Reham elaborates that a few days before the divorce, someone told her a story of a sensitive meeting and soon after the divorce, she requested an interaction with the religious scholar at the centre of the story.

According to Reham, that scholar was told by a former foreign minister about a 1990s meeting which was also confirmed by powerful former DG ISIs.

“He confirmed to me that the story I had stumbled onto about Imran’s connections with the Americans was indeed true,” claims Reham.

She continues that back in 1996, a meeting between the late foreign minister Sahibzada Yaqub Khan and Henry Kissinger had a third party in it – Sir James Goldsmith.

As per Reham’s observations, the Pakistani foreign minister was categorically told by Kissinger “Look after our boy” in a reference to “Imran Khan”.

Reham shares that she had started reading up about James Goldsmith during er marriage, and stumbled on an article by David Goldman in which he wrote: “Sir Goldsmith created an elaborate network of puppets in Britain and the US to create an elaborate cash laundering network in the United States between 1981 and 1983”.

Reham continued that reportedly the fictional character of corporate raider Sir Larry Wildman in the American film Wall Street was based on James Goldsmith.

“The EIR staff investigation also raised questions concerning the finances of the political network broadly associated with Kissinger Associates Inc,” states Reham.

Reham quotes EIR report and argues that Gen Vernon Walters of the state department and the chief protégé of Henry Kissinger was, for a long time, employed by Goldsmith.

She also shares that Imran Khan hated Jemima’s phone calls, and cursed her after each one, but could not avoid that as it was a ‘stronger hold’, contending that it made complete sense after realising that James Goldsmith had always been politically active, and had even founded his own party in the 90’s called the Referendum party.

“It was a single issue Eurosceptic party which laid the foundations of Brexit. Before him, his father Frank Goldsmith had been a prolific Jewish politician as well. Frank, a hotelier of German descent, had been a Conservative MP,” explains Reham Khan.

Imran’s former wife shares that besides his portfolio of 48 hotels, he was known for being one of the founders of the King David Hotel in East Jerusalem and over 46% of the hotel was funded by notable Jews.

During the six-day war, the hotel was extended, claims Reham Khan