CIA plotted against India, reveals former ISRO scientist in autobiography

CIA plotted against India, reveals former ISRO scientist in autobiography

NEW DELHI - Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), has come out with a tell-all autobiography in which he talks about his years at the space agency and especially the difficult time he underwent when he was falsely implicated in the infamous 1994 spy case.

Narayanan, who was accused of selling vital secrets associated with Indian space technology in 1994, was later acquitted by a CBI court and the Supreme Court in 1998. He spent a total of 50 days in jail along with fellow scientist D Sasikumar and four others, Indian express has reported. ADVERTISEMENT

In an excerpt of the book named ‘Ormakalude Bhramanapatham’ (Orbit of memories) published on <link> on Wednesday, Narayanan paints the spy case as a conspiracy against him and the ISRO through the collective efforts of agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in connivance with Indian police and intelligence officers. The case was produced out of thin air in order to stall India’s rapid advancements in the development of an indigenous cryogenic rocket engine, he alleges in the book. XX Nambi Narayanan at ISRO’s programme.

“My investigation showed that the spy case was the illegitimate child of the US-French agencies with the intention of burying me and the ISRO in the cemetery,” Narayanan writes.

“The spy case saw a Maldivian woman being framed as a spy to carry secrets that never existed by police officials, politicians and journalists who knowingly or unknowingly fell for the plot of the CIA .”


In June this year, former chief minister and CPM veteran VS Achuthanandan had released a book written by Siby Mathews, who headed the investigation into the ISRO spy case. In Narayanan’s excerpt, he talks about his meeting with Mathews after he was acquitted in the case.

“He (Mathews) told me that he was unknowingly pushed into the case by then-DGP Madhusudanan. He told me he did not intentionally try to trouble me,” wrote Narayanan in the book.

Narayanan has sought re-investigation into the spy case to uncover the people behind it.

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