Javed Hashmi blasts Judges and Generals for their accountability

Javed Hashmi blasts Judges and Generals for their accountability

ISLAMABAD: Senior Politician Javed Hashmi has yet again made a controversial press conference after the Panama JIT report.

Javed Hashmi on Wednesday said conspiracies had reached their peak in the country as the people clamoured for justice.

Hashmi, formerly affiliated with both the PTI and PML-N, highlighted sacrifices rendered by politicians and said it was politicians who had lost their lives for the country.

The veteran political leader advised politicians to tread carefully and claimed that he had never embezzled a single penny while serving as an MNA and minister. “I even sold my house to make ends meet.”

Referring to former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, he said he had fled from the country and was now acting as if he were a king. 

“We can not even speak about him. Can anyone punish him?"

"The country moves when generals wish it, what is the worth of Nawaz Sharif when compared to them?" The political leader also questioned the status of army chiefs after retirement.

Stressing on the need for accountability of politicians, Hashmi asked if anyone could name the judge who had wealth in Panama. 

"Can anyone take his name, can anyone hold him accountable, can anyone ask why he hid money in Panama?"