Has Imran Khan married for the third time?

Has Imran Khan married for the third time?

ISLAMABAD: The rumours of PTI Chairman marrying for the third time are mongering everywhere in the country.

However Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has denied ‘rumours’ about his third marriage in a private ceremony, reported Tuesday.

In a message on social media website, Khan stated that the news is entirely baseless and has no truth to it. He went on to say that he would announce and celebrate it publicly as soon as that happens however, there is nothing of the sort for now.

PTI spokesperson, Naeemul Haq’s reaction came before the party chief in which he denied the news. Clarifying his whereabouts in London, Haq stated that Khan was spending time with his sons there and was scheduled to return on Sunday.

Despite party’s denial, it is worth mentioning here that Khan and his close aides have denied news in the past and reduced them to mere rumours only to confirm them after some time down the lane.

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