Education Testing Council: ETC, A step towards Rule of Merit in Pakistan

Education Testing Council: ETC, A step towards Rule of Merit in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (APP): Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Mukhtar Ahmad said the country's first government testing body named as "Education Testing Council" (ETC) would conduct free, standardized tests for universities admissions from January 2017.

He told APP, that initially, HEC will conduct tests for undergraduate and subsequently for MS and PhD admissions which will be valid for a period of two years.

The council, Dr Mukhtar said, will be a self-governed body, which will be operational from January (spring) 2017, adding, that government will bear the cost of this test, which will be held twice a year.

"The test will be free for all students interested for taking admission in public and private universities, he added.

Chairman HEC said, "The establishment of Council is part of Government's efforts to achieve the targets of Vision 2025, which is a roadmap for country's development in all spheres."

He said that ETC will prove to be a credible and transparent entity to adopt a testing mechanism of international standard.

Dr Mukhtar described the initiative as an important step toward building the knowledge and economy, adding that the incumbent Government is providing all possible resources for the uplift of education in the country.

He said that it was a much-needed step for quality education in the country.

He informed that all public and private universities of the country will be required to adopt ETC entry tests for admissions.

"ETC will arrange a standardized and quality entry test for university admissions, for which the respective university will determine weightage of the test," he added.

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