Army Chief Posters: Who is behind the mischief?

Army Chief Posters: Who is behind the mischief?

ISLAMABAD: Posters of Army Chief General Raheel Sharif suddenly appeared on the street polls of major cities of Pakistan asking him to enforce Martial Law in the country after taking over the reins of Power.


The surprise posters appearance has stunned all and different kinds of theories are being sold in the general public regarding the master mind of the mischief.


Prominent opposition law maker Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has called it a move by the government itself so as to put pressure on the opposition regarding the imminent threat of Martial Law in the country.


Government wants to depict the opposition parties that if they resorted to street politics and agitation in that case Army take over would be imminent and the whole system of democracy in the country would be eliminated.


However some analysts are also pointing towards the fact that another objective of such a move by government circles is to remove the public attention from the Panama Leaks enquiry issue.


Yet another objective seems to be of maligning the COAS over the issue of the extension of his service which he has already categorically denied through ISPR.


However political experts are also pointing towards the fact that if government is not behind this act then why the posters were not immediately removed from the street polls across the country.

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