Pakistan ranked as Most Patriotic Nation of Asia ahead of China and India

Pakistan ranked as Most Patriotic Nation of Asia ahead of China and India

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has been reported as the most patriotic nation of Asia.

World Index’s latest report has ranked Pakistan as the most patriotic nation in all the Asian Countries as 89 percent of its citizens are ready to fight for the country.

World Index’a report titled “ASIA: Willing to fight for the country” ranks Pakistan and Vietnam on first and second spot with 89% of people expressing patriotism towards their homeland.

The report is based on the data collected by the Gallup survey in Asian countries.

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ASIA: Willing to fight for country:

[image: ????????] Pakistan : 89% [image: ????????] Vietnam: 89% [image: ????????] Bangladesh: 86% [image: ????????] Afghanistan: 76% [image: ????????] India: 75% [image: ????????] Philippines: 73% [image: ????????] Thailand: 72% [image: ????????] China: 71% [image: ????????] Indonesia: 70% [image: ????????] Malaysia: 63% [image: ????????] South Korea: 42% [image: ????????] Hong Kong: 23% [image: ????????] Japan: 11%

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Bangladesh, formerly part of a United Pakistan , was on the third spot with 86% patriotism among the citizens, as per the index.

While Afghanistan, remained in the fourth position with 76%, India was ranked fifth in the index with only 75% of the people agreeing to fight for the country in time of needs.

The list goes on to rank Philippine, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan respectively.