January 17, 12 pm on roads: Qadri beats the drum

January 17, 12 pm on roads: Qadri beats the drum

LAHORE: Tahirul Qadri has beaten the drum with his final call for justice to the victims of model town incident that killed at least 14 PAT members.

He announced on Thursday that his party will hold protests from January 17 till they demolish the PML-N government.

After the meeting of leaders from several opposition parties, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief briefed the media saying they will stage sit-in on the Mall Road in Lahore. He told that the opposition parties have decided to protest against the Model Town incident and Kasur tragedy – where innocent 7-year-old was raped and murdered.

He said, “Opposition parties will protest till justice is provided in both these cases.”

The PAT workers will hit the roads on January 17 at 12pm “to start public protest for the democracy”.

PAT chief told that both Imran Khan and Asif Zardari will attend the protests, adding that several other leaders from the opposition parties will be there to raise their voices against the brutality of the PML-N government. He stated that he is confident that all leaders of the political parties will come to express solidarity with the martyrs of the Model Town incident.