How US made weapons reached Daesh in Syria: MoD Report

How US made weapons reached Daesh in Syria: MoD Report

DAMASCUS - It’s been three days since Russia prevented a terrorist attack on its bases in Syria, with terrorists, as unexpected as it may seem, using sophisticated drones to strike the facilities, Sputnik has reported.

While the Russian Defense Ministry has stated that such technology could be supplied only by an advanced state, the Pentagon quelled the crowds, saying that those devices “could easily be obtained in the open market.”

The international coalition fighting against Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorist groups in the Middle East has been helping the so-called moderate opposition to fight those radical groups, supplying them with necessary ammunition. However, as per usual, “we wanted the best, you know the rest.” Thanks to a disastrous gust of wind, the coalition’s airdrops of highly sophisticated arms were blown straight into the hands of terrorists, and a recent incident made Sputnik recap the most resonant cases.

Syrian MoD Report

In October 2017, the Syrian Defense Ministry released a report with footage of ammunition confiscated from numerous terrorist organizations, including Daesh and al-Nusra Front, now named Tahrir al-Sham, claiming that those weapons had been manufactured in the United States or by its close allies. The report outlined that those groups were supplied with “rockets, rifles, machine guns, anti-air weapons and even tanks” allegedly in exchange for oil from the territories. By a cruel twist of fate, those weapons happened to be a part of the routine “arms delivery” to the “moderate opposition”. Probably, it was the wind which blew the supplies off course, offering a “gift of fate” to the terrorists, who were “polite” enough to accept it.

Anti-Aircraft Missiles

In August 2017, the Lebanese army, which has been engaged in rooting Daesh out from a northeastern region of Lebanon bordering Syria, discovered anti-aircraft missiles, among other weapons, in an abandoned area. Moreover, the Lebanese, who have apparently done a great job, uncovered surface-to-air missiles left by al-Nusra Front militants in an area captured by Hezbollah and then taken over by the army. As early as 2013, The New York Times reported that Qatar was sending MANPADS (“man-portable air-defense-system”) to Syria and said that these might potentially go straight to Al-Qaeda to shoot down civilian aircraft.