Pakistan Profiting while India is at a Loss: Forbes

Pakistan Profiting while India is at a Loss: Forbes

ISLAMABAD, Jan 12 (APP): After the stock market, Pakistan has also out performed India and defeated it in global politics, Panos Mourdoukoutas writes in an article carried by Forbes.

According to Forbes, in a period of just one year, Pakistan's stock market index rose above 40% while India's share market crawlingly rose by mere 8%.

The report stated that Pakistani stock market's better performance is also due to the vital international political role and the rulers, who are undertaking full benefits of their country's geographical significance.

The magazine stated that in view of its geographical location, Pakistan is highly important for both the US and China and after 9/11, both the US and Pakistan came closer.

Now China is blowing new spirit in Pakistan's share markets and according to Forbes, China is investing more than $46 billion under the CPEC and if looked under this perspective, then Pakistan is profiting while India is at a loss. The report mentioned that on the issue of Kashmir too, China is openly supporting Pakistan.