Good News for Pakistanis seeking overseas employment in friendly country

Good News for Pakistanis seeking overseas employment in friendly country

ISLAMABAD - Malaysia, for long, has been a secure job market for Nepali workers, especially in the security sector jobs. But that could change soon.

According to reports, the South East Asian country is currently in a bid to import workers for security jobs from countries other than Nepal as well.

Malaysia is in negotiations with Pakistan to bring in Pakistani workers for security jobs, media reports say.

Negotiations have intensified in the recent weeks, and both countries are discussing the possibility of hiring nearly 150,000 security guards in Malaysia, reported The Nation, a Pakistani English daily. “The initial negotiations between both the countries have already been held at the highest level while modalities to formalise the hiring process were being worked out,” Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Malaysia Amna Baloch was quoted as saying by the Pakistani paper.

The development can seriously affect Nepal’s labour market in Malaysia, which has been one of the most popular labour destination countries among Nepali workers, according to experts and officials familiar with the development.

For years, security sector jobs have been reserved for Nepali migrant workers.

“It was never said that security sector jobs were only for Nepali workers. But it was somehow an undeclared internal policy that Nepali workers would be hired for security jobs [in Malaysia],” said Jeevan Baniya, a labour migration researcher with the Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility at Social Science Baha.

“Once they start hiring workers even for security sector jobs from other countries, it will automatically lead to a drop in the number of Nepali workers in the sector.”