Kasana Dam: A new Dam to be constructed for Islamabad

Kasana Dam: A new Dam to be constructed for Islamabad

ISLAMABAD - The authorities concerned have paid cost of land measuring 667 acre to construct Kasana Dam which would be constructed during current financial year in order to meet water needs of new Islamabad Airport.

The cost of land for the dam, having capacity of 8.729 acres feet, has been paid to Land Acquisition Collector, Fateh Jang.

Official sources at Aviation Division Monday said construction of Rain Water Harvesting Ramma Dam had been completed last year. This dam has capacity of 4,893 acres Ft and has been designed to provide water 3.3 Million Gallon Per Day (MGPD) whereas initial demand of water at the Airport would range between 0.5 to 1.0 (MGPD).

The sources said this dam was expected to be partially filled and started supplying water to new Islamabad International Airport during current monsoon season.

Moreover, the sources said options had been explored to utilize sub-soil water and authorities had successfully completed 11 bore holes (tube wells) from which cumulative yield of approximately 0.266 (MGPD) water was expected.

Replying to a question regarding any proposal under consideration of the government to acquire more land for the said Airport, the sources said authorities were in process of acquiring additional land as per Land Acquisition Act, 1894, through the Revenue Authorities of District Rawalpindi/Attock in order to meet future requirements and expansion of the Airport.

Initially, and measuring 2833 acres was earmarked for the purpose, however, final land requirement is under review due to issues of local populated areas/villages and road network etc. - APP

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