Afghan Army claims stepping up attacks against Taliban

Afghan Army claims stepping up attacks against Taliban

KABUL - Officials from the Afghan National Army (ANA) on Monday said troops are advancing their military campaign against Taliban operatives in the volatile region of Logar province in a move to eliminate insurgent strongholds.

They said army forces have dealt major blows to the Taliban in some key areas of Mohammad Agha district in the province, which resulted in the elimination of dozens of Taliban fighters including the group’s local commander, Jamaluddin.

The operations will continue until all areas in the insecure regions are cleared of Taliban, said officials.

“We have launched operations in Mohammad Agha district, we have completed our search and clearance operation in Mohammad Agha and a key Taliban commander Mullah Jamaluddin was eliminated there.

A cache of weapons, explosives and binoculars and documents were recovered. We are still working on some other important issues to make sure that their hideouts and camps are destroyed,” said Esmatullah Alizai, Logar police chief.

Meanwhile, Gen. Abdul Raziq Sapai, the commander of the 4th Army Division, has said that security forces also seized a huge cache of munitions and explosives during an operation in Charkh district of the province.

“We have seized thousands of kilograms of explosives as a result of the joint coordination between the army, police and personnel of the National Directorate of Security. Now the people’s trust has been restored in the security forces. People believe that the security forces are now able to defend them and prevent the infiltration of insurgents.

We are firmly committed to providing security to our people. The enemy has lost its war capability compared to a year ago. We wrapped up a very successful operation in Charkh district including in Tangi Wardak and Baraki Barak districts and around Pul-e-Alam regions,” said Sapai.

In addition to this, local residents in the area have hailed the security forces for safeguarding the lives of civilians during the battles.

“First I want to recommend that where ever government carries out an operation, they must be careful, because every operation needs a major investment, check posts need to be established in areas where the operations are being carried out, government must establish check posts to ensure security of the site which is cleared of the militants.

Unfortunately, in the past we saw that several operations were launched here and opponents returned to the area only a few days after the operations ended. Government invests heavily in every operation,” said Mohibullah Saleh, a member of Logar provincial council.

But residents have said that security forces must ensure that the Taliban are not able to return to areas that have been cleared during such operations.