Iran vows to enhance multifaceted ties with Pakistan

Iran vows to enhance multifaceted ties with Pakistan

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that Pakistan and Iran are brotherly Islamic countries which have strong mutual ties based upon brotherhood and Islamic fraternity.

Talking to Iranian Ambassador Syed Muhammad Ali Hussain in Islamabad today, he said enhancing ties between both countries would harness regional development and prosperity.

He said that trade activities across the Pakistan-Iran border need special focus as it would increase the trade volume between both countries exponentially.

The Speaker said unity among Muslim countries is imperative to resolve the issues faced by Muslim Ummah across the world and Parliamentary diplomacy and people to people contacts will be an important role among the Muslim Ummah.

The Iranian Ambassador said his country values high ties with Pakistan and is desirable to enhance these ties on the basis of trade and business. He appreciated the role of Pakistan for bringing regional peace.