EU foreign ministers reject US decision on Jerusalem

EU foreign ministers reject US decision on Jerusalem

European Union has rejected the US President's decision of recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel, saying a unilaterally decision in this regard risks inflaming violence and further wrecking the chance for peace.

After a meeting between Netanyahu and EU foreign ministers in Brussels, Sweden’s top diplomat said no European at the closed-door meeting has voiced support for Trump’s decision, and no country is likely to follow the United States in announcing plans to move its embassy.

Several EU foreign ministers arriving at the meeting reiterated the bloc’s position that lands Israel has occupied since the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem as well as the West Bank and Golan Heights, are not within Israel’s borders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in Brussels to get support for the Trump's decision met by a firm rebuff from EU foreign ministers, who said they see the move as a blow against the peace process.