Daesh close to extracting Uranium from Afghanistan

Daesh close to extracting Uranium from Afghanistan

KABUL - Afghan Ministry of Mine and Petroleum (MoMP) on Monday said it is worried that Daesh could extract minerals from mines in Jawzjan province, including gold, uranium and other rare metals.

According to the ministry, Jawzjan’s Qush Tapa and Darzab districts have rare metal mines and uranium and Daesh’s presence in those areas have raised serious concerns over illegal mining. 

MoMP spokesman Abdul Qadeer Mutfi said the insurgents and Daesh create the most insecurity in areas which have mineral resources. 

“There are different mines in these districts, including gold and aluminum,” said Mutfi. 

Reports say that in addition to fuel and gas, there are gold sediment mines and uranium resources in Qush Tapa and Darzab districts. 

The ministry had raised concerns over the Daesh presence in the mining areas while before the local officials had said that Daesh group had access to mineral resources in Jawzjan province. 

Officials of the Natural Resources Monitoring Network (NRMN) say currently insurgents are trying to get access to those mines from which precious minerals and stones cab can easily be extracted. 

“We are seriously concerned because if Daesh or other groups get access to these mines, doubtless they will support parts of the war cost from the mines,” NRMN member Ibrahim Jafari said. 

A member of Jawzjan provincial council has said, based on an assessment carried out in the province last year, 18 types of precious and semi-precious stone mines have been found in Darzab district and that Daesh might illegally exploit those mines. 

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