Afghan Taliban may join peace talks: Report

Afghan Taliban may join peace talks: Report

KABUL- The Taliban are holding discussions about President Ashraf Ghani’s peace offer and the group could possibly respond in a positive manner, said Hakimullah Mujahid, a former member of the insurgent group, on Wednesday.

Mujahid is now a member of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC).

“The Taliban are conducting consultations and there is the possibility that they give a positive response to the Afghan government, at a time that the war is going on, we hope that the Taliban come up with a positive response,” said Mujahid.

Meanwhile, the minister of borders and tribal affairs, Gul Agha Sherzai, said a plan for a Peace Jirga has been outlined and will soon be sent to Ghani.

“We have held discussions with the leaders of the tribes, politicians, teachers and members of civil society institutions about the peace Jirga, we will send the plan soon to the president, I am sure that the president will allow us to convene the Peace Jirga,” said Sherzai.

In addition, Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union’s Head of Delegation to Afghanistan said in a meeting, “The Culture of Afghanistan, The Culture of Peace”, that the Taliban’s failure so far to reject the offer raises hopes that the group will act in a positive manner.