Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund: World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis launch a new initiative

Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund: World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis launch a new initiative

*LONDON - The World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) says it is organising nationwide fund raising campaigns in London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission (London) for building dams in Pakistan.*

The WCOP appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative to start building dams including Diamer-Basha Dam to resolve the future looming water shortages and for socioeconomic prosperity of Pakistan.

“Overseas Pakistanis are inspired by the call of the Prime Minister to support Diamer-Basha Dam project in Pakistan and they are worried about the worsening water crisis situation in the country that is likely to become a humanitarian crisis if vigorous steps are not taken to resolve

the issue”, Arif Anis Malik Co-Founder and Executive Director of World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) said while talking to a state-run wire service here.

Anis was responding to the call for donations by the Prime Minister Imran Khan to the overseas Pakistanis.

The real purpose of the campaign is to sensitize the overseas Pakistanis about the water crisis and how crucial it is to build new dams and reservoirs to ward off the looming water disaster in the country.

He urged the overseas Pakistanis to come forward and actively participate in the fund raising campaigns and play their vital role for the economic prosperity of their mother land.

On Sep 7, Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged the overseas Pakistanis to donate generously for construction of dams in Pakistan to avert the looming water crisis.

The PM urged the Pakistanis working abroad to donate at least 1000 dollars to the dam fund so that the water reservoirs could be constructed within time and within the estimated cost.

“Our debt today stands at 30,000 billion. But one of our biggest issues today is the looming water crisis. When Pakistan was created; every Pakistani had 5600 cubic-metres of water. Today that stands at only 1000 cubic-metres,” said the PM.

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