Honda Pakistan increases prices of cars

Honda Pakistan increases prices of cars

ISLAMABAD - Honda Pakistan is increasing its prices yet again amidst severe rupee devaluation and economic unbalance in the country.

The news comes from official dealerships, that have already been given notices from Honda Pakistan regarding the price hike. Most cars in Honda’s lineup have been made more expensive, with no noticeable improvements. The design is being kept the same.

There were rumors earlier that Honda might be launching a City facelift, but according to a local report, that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The price changes are shown in the table below: ModelNew Price (Rs.)Old Price (Rs.) City 1.3 MT 1,736,000 1,729,000 City 1.3 PT 1,876,000 1,869,000 City 1.5 MT 1,796,000 1,789,000 City 1.5 PT 1,936,000 1,929,000 City Aspire 1.5 MT 1,946,000 1,939,000 City Aspire 1.5 PT 2,086,000 2,079,000 Civic VTI 1.8 PT 2,606,000 2,599,000 Civic Oriel 1.8 PT 2,756,000 2,749,000 BR-V 1.5 MT 2,141,000 2,134,000 BR-V 1.5 PT 2,291,000 2,284,000 BR-V 1.5 S PT 2,391,000 2,384,000 HR-V 1.5 PT 4,806,000 4,799,000 CR-V 2.4 PT 10,707,000 10,700,000 Accord 2.4 PT 13,757,000 13,750,000

As seen in the list above, all the prices have been increased by Rs. 7,000. When making a booking, you are required to make 50% advanced payment until your car gets delivered. The payment will be done in a form of favor to the company.