ICC unveils new playing conditions for Pakistan Vs England world cup final

ICC unveils new playing conditions for Pakistan Vs England world cup final

MELBOURNE – The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revised the playing conditions for the Pakistan vs England World Cup final game to avoid a washout at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday (November 13).

As fans are eagerly waiting for final showdown, showers could spoil the final game with a 100 percent chance of rain forecast.

Amid wet weather forecast at the iconic stadium in coastal capital of the southeastern Australia, the game’s governing body announced additional time to complete the match on the reserve day if rain disrupts the high-octane clash.

In a statement, the top cricket body said: “The Event Technical Committee (ETC) has increased the provision of additional playing time on the reserve day to four hours from the original provision of two hours in case more time is required to complete the match and get a result”.

It was reported that extra covers will be used amid predicted thunderstorm. The mega event has already seen much of rain as several matches were washed out.

For the final showdown, organisers first priority will be to go for a shortened game if required, and in this case overs will be slashed before the reserve day is activated.

In another scenario, if the final can't be completed on Sunday then it will resume on the reserve day. Furthermore, if there is not enough time over the two days to achieve the minimum overs, in that case, the trophy would be shared.