Pakistan Police launches a new initiative VIPS "Volunteer in Police Service"

Pakistan Police launches a new initiative VIPS

KARACHI – The police in Pakistan’s southern metropolis have recently launched an initiative ‘Volunteer In Police Service-VIPS’ to better engage the community in policing.

The initiative has been launched on the lines of police support volunteers in the UK and envisions to foster better ties between the law enforcers and the public of Karachi; it aims to pro-actively engage youth with police and set a new standard of cooperation.

Through the program, citizens can get themselves registered with police without any fee as a volunteer and can choose to work in different departments including Madadgar 15, FM 88.6, Training Branch besides others.

VIPS is not aimed at portraying the police in a favourable light, it is intended to vet and train citizens for utilization as a support base to the existing force.

In its latest service, VIPS witnessed snap-checking at main Ittehad road by Clifton Division Police , a video of which was shared by renowned police officer Suhai Aziz.