Pakistan hits out at India over Quaid e Azam picture row

Pakistan hits out at India over Quaid e Azam picture row

*ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Foreign Office said the growing intolerance, xenophobia and prejudice, especially against Muslims and Pakistan in India is very dangerous, most of all for India itself.*

Answering a question during weekly press briefing here, FO spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal said the Quaid’s picture had been displayed in the Indian university since 1938. There were also reports of replacing of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s picture with that of Indian Prime Minister Modi in Khair Town Guest House, Aligarh, he added.

He said it was in sharp contrast with the tolerance in Pakistan where the pictures / statues of Gandhi continued to be displayed at the Islamabad Monument museum.

“It also reflected the fanaticism rampant in the Indian society being fuelled by those in power”, he added.

He said the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir continued to endure untold sufferings, and face gross and systematic violations of their human rights, use of pellet guns and extra-judicial killings by the occupation forces. [image: Quaid picture AMU India]

He reaffirmed that Pakistan remained in full solidarity with the people of Jammu & Kashmir, calling upon the world community to play its rightful role in promoting a just and lasting solution of the dispute.

Replying to another question, he said the restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in the US would be implemented on May 11 and the same would be on a reciprocal basis. Negotiations were underway between the two sides, on the matter, he added.