Amir Khan fulfils his promise of working for Pakistan

Amir Khan fulfils his promise of working for Pakistan

LONDON - British-Pakistani boxing star Amir Khan has proven his words for Pakistan. He had promised to do something for this country and he is off to his passion now.

He is opening many training academies for boxing in Gwadar and other cities across Pakistan.

Khan said he will be working with leading real estate developer CPIC for the purpose.

The boxer, who recently made his comeback with a big win in the arena, was talking to media here in London at the two day pre-launch event of the China-Pak Golf Estates in Gwadar.

He said that CPIC is helping build Gwadar as a destination where people from all over the world can reside and invest to secure their future.

“I believe and support CPIC’s real estate projects which is hope for the future. I am really excited that people are going to invest in their beautiful homeland,” he said.

Amir Khan hoped that CPIC’s projects will attract people to shift to Pakistan because Gwadar is the next Dubai of Pakistan where all natural resources exist and offer great opportunities.

“The project is not only beneficial for us but for the people from all walks of life from abroad,” the boxer said.

He also said that security in the city has increased. “The Army of Pakistan is supporting and protecting the investors and their investments as well.”

He said that the CPIC will be building many academies of boxing training for young people of Pakistan to give them a chance for their growth in field of boxing. “We also will build fitness gyms in Pakistan fully equipped with latest machines.”