Pakistan is facing a non cognitive war from inside

Pakistan is facing a non cognitive war from inside

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Pakistan is facing a non cognitive war from inside


Federal Minister for States and Frontier Region, Senator Lt.Gen (Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch on Tuesday said mission oriented strategies are required for a long term solution of Kashmir.


He said it is not an era of conventional or traditionally war, now we are facing non-cognitive war, which focuses to weak the nations internally, he said.


Addressing a seminar `Human Rights, Youth and the Issue of Jammu and Kashmir',organized by Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), as chief guest he said when nations are free, their identity is based on their vital national interest.

Our national interest is based on sovereignty of the country, socio-economic welfare of people, national unity and coherence and Kashmir issue, the minister said adding that our policies are focused on unity, no aggressive designs against any nation, follow United Nations charter, adopt honesty and fair play and should stand with all suppressed nations.


The first human rights charter in history is Misaq-a-Madina and the second one is Magna Carta and both these resolutions advocate for civil rights, political rights, economic rights, social rights, cultural rights and collective rights, he stated.


Leader of the House in the Senate, Raja Zafar ul Haq, sharing his remarks on the occasion said, so far 23 resolutions are passed on Kashmir and all unanimously supported the Kashmiris' right of self determination.


He said the Kashmir resolution was based on United Nations charter which asks to develop friendly relations among nations. He said that they have to adopt the way through which the world is ready to listen to them but on the other side it is imperative to take steps for stop innocent killing in Kashmir.


"Our prime goal is not to leave our destination and follow our journey", he said adding, India was a big power in the region and was required to tackle strategically.


He stated that it is our responsibility to raise the issue at international level to resolve this long standing issue through bilateral, multi-lateral strategies and media.