Imran urges people to stand against PM Nawaz’s corruption

Imran urges people to stand against PM Nawaz’s corruption

BANNU: While terming PM Nawaz as king of corruption, PTI Chairman Imran Khan urged people to stand against corruption of PM Nawaz if they want to bring real change in country.

While addressing a rally here at today in Bannu, Imran Khan questioned that why NAB is reluctant to take action against PM Nawaz despite of clear evidences against him.

Allah has given us an opportunity to change our fate so we would succeed to make a new Pakistan if people stand before the king of corruption (PM Nawaz) for the real prosperity and progress of Pakistan. Imran elaborated.

While giving examples of Singapore and Malaysia, Imran highlighted that today Malaysia and Singapore are making progress just because of honest leadership who eradicated corruption from their country and strengthened institution but unfortunately Pakistan is suffering from serious issues due to the corrupt leadership which has destroyed Pakistani institution for their  own interests.

While addressing Chairman NAB, Imran said that why NAB is silent over the corruption of PM Nawaz while NAB should take strict action against him, fulfilling its responsibility.

Process of accountability could be completed in few weeks if NAB takes action against PM Nawaz, Imran added claiming that real change could be brought in Pakistan if NAB succeeded to hold accountable PM Nawaz because after that everyone would fear corruption.

Imran also criticized Moulana Fazal ur Rehman and said he is defaming Islam and Ulema for his own interest while he should replace his party name with Corruption Bachao Party.