NHA makes M Tag compulsory for all vehicles on Motorway

NHA makes M Tag compulsory for all vehicles on Motorway

ISLAMABAD - The National Highway Authority has made it compulsory for all vehicles to get the M-Tag registration when traveling on M-1 and M-2.

The NHA has issued a notification in this regard, which states that the new rule will take effect from May 2, 2019. The authorities have taken this decision to avoid public inconvenience, prevent traffic congestion, and ascertain free flow of vehicles at entry and exit points to the Motorways.

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The new step will help dissipate the long lines of vehicles waiting for quite a while to pay the toll and enter the motorway. It will allow several motorists to pass the toll station without having to stop.

M-Tag is a pre-paid RFID chip resting on a car’s windscreen. When the car approaches the toll plaza, the scanner automatically scans the chip, retrieves data regarding balance, the location of the entry, etc.

When the motorist exits, the amount is deducted automatically, thus eliminating the need to stay and wait in the long lines.