Organised Hate campaign against Muslims in Britain sparks fear

Organised Hate campaign against Muslims in Britain sparks fear

LONDON – Letters and notes promoting attacks on Muslims have reportedly been distributed across Britain sparking fears of fuelling hate against Muslims.

The speculated letters are said to have detailed point- based scoring urging people to attack Muslims.

According to BBC, letters with images of A4 notes, containing a list of violent acts alongside a number of points for performing them, are said to be widely shared in various parts of Britain .

Human rights activists, campaigners, and MPs have come out in condemnation after the news spread on social media.

Counter-terrorism police have stated to be taking these threatening letters as a possible hate crime, reported the BBC.

Anti-Muslim hate monitoring service, Tell MAMA UK, said it had received reports of people receiving these letters in Bradford, Leicester, London, Cardiff and Sheffield.

Director of Tell MAMA service, Imran Atta said, “This has caused quite a lot of fear within the community.”

"They are asking if they are safe, if their children are safe to play outdoors. We have told them to keep calm and to phone the police if they receive one of these letters."

Naz Shah, labour MP, said that in Bradford several of her constituents have received the “hate mail” through their doors.

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