Women from 33 organizations “Right to Pee” campaign asks Mumbai men to join campaign

MUMBAI: Women from 33 organizations “Right to Pee” campaign urged Mumbai men to join the campaign as greater gender sensitivity can resolve the problem faster.


An activist Supriya Sonar said “This is about woman’s dignity, We urge the Mumbai corporation to think about that. And we urge men who pee in the open to also join this campaign to bring more pressure on the authorities.”


She claimed that there are only 11,000 toilets with broken doors and having no light and water in the city of more than 22 million.


She claimed that men can urinate at street corners but women have to face threat of sexual harassment and rape during finding a toilet.


She claimed that government announced to build toilets for women at 100 sites but nothing has been built and funds also vanished.


The movement has been launched by 33 non-profit organizations to attract the government’s attention towards the lack of free, clean and safe public toilets for women.


The members of movement have also returned their awards to Mayor Snehal Amberkar on Women’s day.


India is considered as a developed country but its 70% population doesn’t have toilets.


PM Modi launched “Clean India Mission” in 2014 to improve sanitation and increase public toilets to end the defecation.


The United Nations claimed in 2014 report that there were more mobile phones per 100 people in India than toilets.