‘Kashmir Is My Name’: International song released in Turkey

‘Kashmir Is My Name’: International song released in Turkey

ISLAMABAD-A first of its kind, a song “Kashmir Is My Name “composed by Turkish lyricist dedicated to Kashmir was released globally on Wednesday.

Istanbul-based poet, English language lecturer and a composer by profession, Turgay Evren said the song was dedicated to all oppressed people of the world.

World famous Della Miles, who is now settled in Turkey, Germany and United States, has given her melodious voice to song which is trending on social media with thanks giving messages to producers and Turkey for support on Kashmir.

The song was first released on Twitter and YouTube by Aziz Babuscu, who is a member of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly where he represents ruling AK (Justice and Development) Party from Istanbul.

Soon after the song was released, Kashmiris across the globe wrote messages of love, happiness and solidarity with producers and Turkey.

The song released by Babuscu and Evren is apparently first by any non-Kashmiri or non-Pakistani to pay regards to Kashmir struggle.