PM urges people to declare benami assets by June 30

PM urges people to declare benami assets by June 30

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the tax evaders to declare their financial assets, within the country and abroad, before 30th of this month or be ready for an indiscriminate action.

The Prime Minister in a televised address to the nation today said this government has an unprecedented in-depth information about the assets of the citizens including their bank accounts, real estate and benami transactions and thus will not spare anyone who does not declare them.

The Prime Minister said the government has bilateral agreements with several countries on information-sharing and also has information received from the intelligence agencies.

He said that in 10 years, the country’s total debt and liabilities rose from  six trillion to 30 trillion rupees and regretted that half of the amount collected from tax is being spent on the paying the debts of previous governments. 

Imran Khan said Pakistanis are one of the ‘most charitable nations’ in the world, but they are also the least tax payers.

He said a passion for the uplift of the country can revive the national economy currently facing challenges.

The Prime Minister called upon the nation to bring reformation within them, register to tax culture and take benefit from the Asset Declaration Scheme to make the country financially stable and strong.

He appealed the nation to fully avail the asset declaration scheme in order to help the country stand on its own feet and lift the people out of poverty.

The Assets Declaration Scheme was announced earlier this month by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh which allows citizens to declare assets including benami accounts and properties to get proper legalization.