Shahbaz Sharif takes a big U Turn

Shahbaz Sharif takes a big U Turn

LAHORE - Former CM Shahbaz Sharif has taken a big u turn over contesting elections from three seats of Karachi. As per media reports he has withdrawn from the decision and now he is not contesting elections from Karachi.

Earlier it was reported that Shahbaz Sharif applying for three National Assembly seats from Karachi. It hasn’t been decided yet as to how many seats he will be contesting from in total.

Speaking of Karachi, one of the rumoured three seats that Maryam Nawaz is going to be contesting from is expected to be Karachi. Interesting focus on Karachi. One needs all the seats that one can get, of course, but it remains to be seen whether the League can eke anything out of that metropolis.

Yes, a lot of virgin territories have opened up after the whole MQM drama. As the reader would know, a free election isn’t the freedom and security of election day, but also the freedom of all parties, big and small, to canvass in peace. In that regard, it might be Karachi’s first relatively free election in some time, so a lot of opportunities for all parties.

But one would expect the city to be a contest between the Baby MQMs (MQM-PIB, MQM-Bahadurabad and PSP), the PPP and the PTI. Where would the League figure in the city – big names like Shehbaz and Maryam notwithstanding – remains to be seen. Many would bet their money on the PPP in this regard.

Speaking of the PPP, that other royal family is also gearing up. After Bilawal, Aseefa Bhutto is also going to be given a ticket to run from Larkana. This year, she just hit the minimum age to be a legislator.

Meanwhile, Chaudhry Nisar is going to be running from four constituencies, including his stronghold Chakri as an independent, since there had been no consensus between the Sharif brothers on his candidature.