Not supporting any ‘jeep’ symbol group, claims Nisar

Not supporting any ‘jeep’ symbol group, claims Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Disgruntled PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar has dismissed the allegation that he is supporting a political group contesting the election with the ‘jeep’ symbol.

“I am not part of any ‘jeep group’,” said the former interior minister while speaking to media persons in Islamabad.

“My focus is on four seats from where I’m contesting. I have my sympathies for anyone who will form the government,” he said.

The PML-N dissident, who has spoken against Nawaz Sharif’s policies, rejected the impression that he had a soft corner for former ISI chief Lt Gen (retd) Zaheer-ul-Islam.

The PML-N leadership believes that the general was behind Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s four-month-long anti-PML-N government protest in Islamabad in 2014.

In a recent interview, senior PML-N leader Pervaiz Rashid had claimed that Nisar gave a shield (souvenir) to Zaheer-ul-Islam in his farewell dinner.

“Can someone ask Chaudhry sahib for what services he gave the shield to the ISI chief? Nawaz Sharif had tried to stop him [Nisar] from doing so,” Pervaiz Rashid said.

Nisar responded to the statement, saying that he gave the shield with Nawaz Sharif’s permission.

“It was the government, and not me, which arranged the bequests for incoming and outgoing DGs of ISI,” Nisar said.

“When Zaheer-ul-Islam returned from Umrah, he gave some gifts to Nawaz Sharif. Why did someone not object over it,” he asked.

Nisar also clarified his position about relations with PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif. “I have no relations with him these days,” he asserted.