Bollywood starlet raises voice over atrocities against Muslims in India

Bollywood starlet raises voice over atrocities against Muslims in India

MUMBAI - Bollywood’s budding starlet, Taapsee Pannu first made her mark in Amitabh Bachchan starrer social drama, *Pink*. The actor is now gearing up for her recent venture, *Mulk*, which stars Rishi Kapoor as protagonist.

Pannu plays the role of a lawyer determined to clear her client’s name from treason allegation because she believes he’s being targeted because of his religion.

At the trailer launch event of the film, Pannu said she finds it ‘disturbing that a particular religion is targeted like that.’ She explained how her life is also affected by this, reported *The Indian Express <link>*.

When asked about the community being targeted, the *Soorma* actor told reporters, “It’s very disturbing. I’ll give you an example from my own life. My manager is a Muslim, my driver, my house help are Muslims.”

“If I were to feel disturbed in their presence then I would be disturbed whole day and night because my life is run by them. It’s very disturbing to realise that a particular religion is being targeted,” she added.

“These people are inseparable to me. So this was a big reason for me to do the film. I thought if someone has to stand up then I would like to take that responsibility. This fear and this disturbance in my mind, I vented it all out through this film.”

She also said that the message the makers are trying to put across is of religious discrimination.

“This is not the government’s matter to address, it is ours. That’s what we are trying to express in the film and whatever dialogues I have said in the film I have done it with all my heart. So, I hope when the film releases on August 3, and the audience watches the film, they will be able to understand how we all feel about this issue,” she went on to comment.