Panama JIT members under threat, can be targeted

Panama JIT members under threat, can be targeted

Wajid Zia has hinted at the possibility of Panama case JIT members being threatened and targeted.

Such reservations regarding the Joint Investigation Team members were already highlighted however the JIT Head has reiterated his stance again before the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court has asked government to provide fool proof security for the members and families of the Joint Investigation Team members.

Zia expressed his thanks to the Supreme Court for appointing him as head of the JIT and most imporantantly for pinning hopes on him.

"Felt like we have been successful in finding truth," Wajid Zia commented.

He went on to say that the target wouldn’t have been achieved without the extraordinary skills of the JIT members.

Wajid Zia revealed that all the members of JIT took part in the investigation process unbiasedly  and with firm determination.

Head of the JIT also cleared out that he hold himself responsible for all the aspects of investigations in his personal capacity.