How Radley Forensic Document Lab London exposed Maryam Nawaz

How Radley Forensic Document Lab London exposed Maryam Nawaz

On February 4, 2006, a ‘trust deed’ was signed between Hussain and Maryam declaring Maryam as ‘trustee’ of the Avenfield properties. Similarly, in 2008, another ‘trust deed’ was signed between the two.

In response to a specific summons to produce the original of the trust deed document of M/s Nielson Enterprises Limited, M/s Nescoll Limited and trust deed of Coomber Inc, Maryam provided what she stated were the ‘originals’ but were in reality good quality photocopies of the original.

The JIT sent what was presented by Maryam as ‘original documents’ to the Radley Forensic Document Laboratory in London for examination. After the forensic examination, the laboratory’s expert Robert W Radley stated that he identified the type font used to produce both certified declaration as ‘Calibri’.

“However, Calibri was not commercially available before 31stJanuary 2007 and as such, neither of the originals of the certified declarations is correctly dated and happy to have been created at some later point in time,” Radley stated in his findings.

The JIT concluded that the documents presented by the respondents in the SC and documents presented by Maryam to the JIT were falsified to mislead the court to believe that they were signed in 2006, whereas they could not have been typed in that font in that year as it was not yet introduced.

“The trust declaration documents, presented by Ms Maryam Safdar to the JIT as well as the photocopies of these documents submitted in the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan are fake and fabricated documents,” the JIT stated.

It added that the respondents were consciously veiling the evidence and its access by the JIT.