How Captain (R) Safdar tried to befool Panama JIT

How Captain (R) Safdar tried to befool Panama JIT

Maryam Nawaz has submitted fake and falsified documents to the JIT, which is a criminal offence. These documents are decoys, manipulate facts, and camouflage truth, and Hussain, Maryam and Captain (red) Safdar have also signed these falsified and misleading documents, reports Panama JIT.

Hassan Nawaz is also, prima facie, involved in manipulating and misleading the SC as he had submitted these documents before the court.

The JIT noted that Captain Safdar misstated that even today he did not know about the owner of the Avenfield apartments, adding that his contention is absolutely untrue as he was a “witness relating to the Avenfield apartments in 2006”.

On February 4, 2006, a ‘trust deed’ was signed between Hussain and Maryam declaring Maryam as ‘trustee’ of the Avenfield properties. Similarly, in 2008, another ‘trust deed’ was signed between the two.