US President Donald Trump makes Pakistan part of Middle East?

US President Donald Trump makes Pakistan part of Middle East?

MCALLEN, TEXAS: United States President Donald Trump even doesn't know the location of Pakistan.

He on Friday called Pakistanis ‘people from Middle East’ in his argument to build a wall along his country’s Mexican border and step up the ante in a drawn-out battle with Congress over release of funds amid a government shutdown.

Trump flew to the Texas border with Mexico on Thursday to try to bolster his case for the border wall as the government shutdown tied to the issue stretched into its 20th day with no sign of new talks to resolve the impasse. The shutdown will be the longest in US history if it is still going on by Saturday.

Flanked by border agents who are going without paychecks Trump threatened to use emergency powers to bypass Congress to pay for the wall on the US-Mexico border. “We can declare a national emergency. We shouldn’t have to,” Trump told reporters. “This is just common sense.”

According to Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, when a border patrol official told the US president that they had apprehended people from multiple countries including Pakistan, Trump asked, “How many Pakistanis?” The man said “two.”

Then, after he finished talking, Trump said: “So they apprehended people from the Middle East.”

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