Afghan MPs mock government claims about Daesh killings

Afghan MPs mock government claims about Daesh killings

KABUL - Over 167 Daesh operatives were killed and 50 others wounded in the eastern province of Nangarhar and Laghman over the past nine days, according to press releases issued by the Afghan security institutions, TOLO News has reported.

While the total number of Daesh fighters in Afghanistan is estimated to be over 2,000, lawmakers in the lower house of parliament have said that if the figures of Daesh fatalities, issued by government, were true, then the insurgent group should have been eliminated by now.

But, the governor of Nangarhar province still insists that hundreds of Daesh fighters have been eliminated over the past few months.

Based on a TOLOnews report, over 167 Daesh fighters have been killed in the eastern regions of the country over the past nine months and 50 others were wounded.

The statistics about Daesh fatalities are for Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman provinces.

“Maybe the figure is not right, but the fact is hundreds of Daesh fighters have been killed and hundreds of others were wounded; the important thing is that Daesh bases were also destroyed,” said Nangarhar governor Gulab Mangal.

According to government sources, during this period over 15 Daesh fighters were arrested by the security forces. Thirteen of them were arrested in Kabul.

But government says that currently Daesh fighters are active in Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman, Nuristan, Faryab, Sar-e-Pul and Jawozjan provinces.

“Unfortunately the government has not provided an exact figure about the statistics and activities of the opponents in the country,” said military commentator Jawed Kohistani.

“They are providing deceptive and fake statistics which are not based on reality,” said MP Jaffar Mahdawi.

“If we add the government figures, this will total thousands of people which is far more than the number of fighters serving in their ranks,” said MP Mahmoud Sulaimankhail.

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) says that currently there are about 2,000 Daesh operatives active in the country.

“The statistics now show that one to two thousand Daesh fighters exist in Afghanistan, we are trying to eliminate all members of the group,” said MoI spokesman Najib Danish.

Recently Zamir Kabulov, Russia's special envoy to Afghanistan said however that there are about 10,000 Daesh fighters in Afghanistan. But Afghan officials rejected the figure.

But, the Afghan government says that Daesh is not a serious threat to Afghanistan, arguing that all major attacks are carried out in the country by the Haqqani terror network under the name of Daesh.

On December, Chief of Army Staff General Mohammad Sharif Yaftali rejected the recent figure issued by Zamir Kabulov about Daesh fighters in the country as fake and baseless.

“We confirm the presence of up to 2,000 Daesh fighters in Afghanistan. Mr. Kabulov is sick and it is his habit to exaggerate things,” Yaftali told lawmakers in the Wolesi Jirga, Lower House of Parliament.

“Russia was among the first to be sounding the alarms in connection with the emergence of Daesh in Afghanistan.... Daesh has significantly increased its power in the country recently. According to our estimates, the number of militants exceeds 10,000 and continues to grow, particularly due to new fighters arriving from Syria and Iraq," Kabulov said.