Moving glacier creates huge lake in Pakistan

Moving glacier creates huge lake in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - The Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority has warned that another Attabad lake-like disaster is in the making in Hunza.

According to the assessment report of GBDMA, the continuing surge in Shispare Glacier has led to the creation of a dammed lake. However, this lake is expected to flood the surrounding areas at any time and can cause immense damage to the local people, installations, and critical infrastructure located downstream.

The Shispare Glacier is located a few kilometers from Hasanabad village in Hunza. It started to surge in May 2018 and blocked the flow of a stream coming from the nearby Muchuur Glacier, stopping it from falling into the Hunza River at Hasanabad.

This blocked water formed an artificial lake, which is expanding day by day and is currently spread to over 700 meters and has a depth of 300 feet. Alongside, the glacier is expanding at a speed of seven meters per day towards Hasanabad.

The assessment report says that the potential flood has the capacity to submerge an entire portion of Karakorum Highway, over 100 houses in Hasanabad, a bridge, two powerhouses, hundreds of canals of fertile land, and a Frontier Works Organization (FWO) camp office along with blocking the flow of Hunza River as well.