AMAN-17: Maritime Counter Terrorism drill held by international forces in Karachi

AMAN-17: Maritime Counter Terrorism drill held by international forces in Karachi

KARACHI: (APP) As a part of ongoing Multinational Exercise AMAN-17, being hosted by Pakistan Navy, Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy and participating countries presented an impressive Maritime Counter Terrorism exercises at Manora here on Saturday.

Sri Lankan Chief of the Naval Staff Vice Admiral RC Wijegunaratne was the chief guest. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was also present at the occasion.

A PN press release said that the rise of terrorism and instability at global level has changed the nature of how nations engaged with both friends and foes.

Special Forces worldwide find themselves in non-conventional wars, peculiar operations and home defense missions which were unseen just a decade ago.

Special Forces play a unique role that include tracking of terrorists cells and leaders, disrupting insurgent campaigns and building relationships with international partners for ensuring peace and stability.

The counter terrorism exercises demonstrated today was a fine display of strength and specialized skills by Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy and participating countries to counter acts of maritime terrorism, refine special operating procedures, exchange of professional expertise and to enhance interoperability with participating Special Operations Forces (SOF) teams.

The demonstrations while using versatile platforms included fast maneuvers by Hovercrafts, Military Assault and VBSS boats, water scooters, Skim Past by hovercrafts and Special Forces Boats (SFBs), insertion of Air Assault Teams through helicopters, para-jumps by SSGNs/Commandos, frogman attacks, coordinated beach assault and reinforcement followed by extraction.

The event witnessed a high level coordination and professionalism of Special Forces.

Pakistan Navy Special Forces conduct regular exercises with foreign Special Forces to keep abreast of the latest techniques in Special Warfare.

Maritime Counter Terrorism Demonstration is a string of same scheme depicting firm dedication of Pakistan Navy to meet the challenges regarding maritime terrorism issues.

Earlier, an International Bands display was also presented by the bands of participating countries of AMAN 17, aiming to connect the countries through cultural heritage as well.

The military bands from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy played a mix of their traditional and military tunes.

The enchanting melodies mesmerized the audience and were really appreciated.

A large number of personnel of the participating navies, observers, foreign diplomats and senior officials of armed forces of Pakistan witnessed the Counter terrorism demonstration and Bands display.