Former PM Imran Khan levels serious allegations against General (R) Bajwa

Former PM Imran Khan levels serious allegations against General (R) Bajwa

LAHORE – Former Pakistani premier Imran Khan came down hard on General (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa again, accusing the former Army chief to see his favourites on coveted positions.

In an interview with Bol News*,* the defiant politician hurled several allegations at Gen (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa, saying the latter asked him to remove then Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar and to appoint Aleem Khan as head of the provincial government.

Khan said the vote of no confidence could not succeed without the establishment's support, adding that Gen Bajwa had demanded the removal of Usman Buzdar which later led to his downfall.

Weeks after Bajwa’s exit, Khan recalled his alleged conversation with then-COAS, revealing that the former top general asked him to remove Usman Buzdar, paving way for Aleem Khan. But, Khan said he followed his course in the wake of corruption references against Aleem Khan.

The PTI chairman linked PTI’s downfall after his ouster with Gen Bajwa’s policies, revealing that the latter told lawmakers that PML-N will form the next government in the center.

He further accused General (r) Bajwa of interfering in the National Accountability Bureau. The anti-graft watchdog was under Bajwa’s control, Khan said while lamenting being toothless.

The PTI chief came up with recent revelations, days after he accused Gen (r) Bajwa of playing a double game with his government. The cricketer-turned-politician, who is making shocking remarks about former military chief, lately accepted that he committed a major mistake by extending the tenure of the then-COAS Bajwa in 2019.