Pakistan Foreign Office reveals Indian agenda of using Pakistan card for political point scoring

Pakistan Foreign Office reveals Indian agenda of using Pakistan card for political point scoring

Pakistan Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chuhdhary said during weekly Press Briefing to Media on Thursday that the current Indian Government’s irresponsible behavior is very well known to the world.

This RSS inspired BJP Government has a history of using “Pakistan Card” to score political points and to shift focus from its profound failures of governance, faltering economy, state sponsorship of terrorism and violation of minority rights.

Pakistan has been consistently sensitizing the international community regarding the possibility of India resorting to a false flag operation and we take this opportunity to forewarn the world yet again.

Our forces remain vigilant and are ready to respond to any misadventure by India.

Coming to the question about EU DisinfoLab, I have already spoken about that in my opening statement in detail. Let me reiterate that this is a very serious issue, because a state is abusing the cyberspace and media domain for its vile propaganda, which is directed against another member of the international community.

Pakistan has already put forth irrefutable evidence, extensively documenting India’s active planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and executing terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Publication of the recent report by EU DisinfoLab only substantiates Pakistan’s position in front of the International community.

Pakistan will continue exposing India at every possible platform.

Zahid Hafeez Chuhdhary said about the situation of minorities in India, India’s human rights credentials stand fully exposed before the International community. India’s credibility has sunk to sub zero levels. I recently saw a statement by an Indian Union Minister, in which he accused Pakistan and China for the ongoing protest by farmers for their just demands. Such laughable assertions made by the Indian leadership give further credence to the fact that India has lost all its credibility.

The Gujarat massacre, Samjhauta Express, Delhi pogrom, demolition of the historical Babri Mosque and anti-minority legislations are glaring examples of systematic campaign against minorities in India. The desecration and vandalization of places of worship of minorities is reprehensible. These instances have been extensively documented in the Indian and international media.

Such Indian actions are manifestation of the mindset of Hindu supremacist RSS-BJP regime, which takes pride in degrading and humiliating minorities, particularly Muslims in India, and relegating them to second-class citizens.

Pakistan calls upon the International community to take note of such steps by the RSS-BJP regime, which are fuelled by its hatred of the minority communities.

Spokesperson said about arrest of terrorists from Lahore, the matter is being investigated. Unlike India, which immediately blames Pakistan for any such incident without any evidence, Pakistan has always adopted a responsible approach.