New International Airline lands in Islamabad

New International Airline lands in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD – SAPM Zulfikar Bukhari along with British High Commissioner Christian Turner welcomed Virgin Airlines as the first flight lands at Islamabad Airport on Friday.

British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner extended his felicitations over the landing of the first flight of the Virgin Atlantic airline in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Bukhari said the revival of international airlines will improve trade and tourism in the country. Virgin Airlines is the second-largest airline in the UK to launch a series of flights to Pakistan after British Airlines, he added.

This development will further enhance the scope of relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

He said British airline Virgin Atlantic has been allowed to land eight flights a week. Virgin Atlantic will use the modern Airbus A332 for Pakistan.

Earlier, Virgin Airlines was allowed to operate directs flights to Islamabad after approval from Pakistan’s aviation